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The Client Center for Account Access & 401(k) Plans

We are excited to offer a new platform for client use...ADVICE WORKS!! Contact us today for a personal, client invitation via email. 

New Online access provides all the tools to view, print and review statements. Please refer to the specific instructions (below) to register online.  

ADVICE WORKS... to Access your Cetera Advisors/TWM/ Pershing Accounts & Printing Statements:

1. Please contact us for a personal, client invitation... to this new portal. You will then receive an email to register online and get started!

2. From the emailed invitation, click on the ADVICE WORKS registration button. Follow the instructions to register online.

3. Do not use former user ID/passwords. This is a new portal. 

4. Start keeping track of statements, documents and tax information. You can select paperless and Go Green. View all your financial accounts in one place with a single log in. 

5. For additional assistance, contact the Advice Works Support Line: 888-443-6380 (8am-8pm EST)

6. Or, you may use this link  below to start registration. 

How to Access your Tax Documents or 1099's...

If you are having trouble finding your Tax Docs…please follow the directions below.

  • Log into your Advice Works Portal. 
  • Once in you’re in the Advice Works Portal, click on Documents. Then, click on Statements And Notifications.
  • You’ll see a drop down box to select the 4th down…TAX DOCS.
  • You may also see a drop down for Dates... choose the tax year needed and click Apply.
  • Your 1099’s will appear below in PDF format. 

Accessing your Paychex 401(k) Plans:

If you have a retirement plan through Paychex, you'll have online access exclusively through the Paychex website.

Four steps to enroll:

1. Visit to complete your enrollment. 

2. Select Register for a new account under the New Users heading. Once registration is complete, click Retirement Services, located on the left menu. Click Enroll Now when prompted.  

3. Determine the amount of your pay you want to contribute to your plan. 

4. Select your investments in 1% increments, making sure they total 100%. 

*If you have any issues, please contact Paychex at: 877-244-1771 or visit:

Accessing your ADP 401(k) Plans:

If you have a retirement plan through ADP, you'll have online access exclusively through the ADP website.

1. Register at: Create a user ID and password with the Register Now button. 

2. Identify Yourself. 

3. Enter Your Registration Code you received in your welcome letter. 

4. After your personal information has been confirmed, you will need to create a password, 3 security questions and answers. 

5.  Be sure to Activate your Email. 

6. Select Retirement Services on the portal screen to log into your accounts. 

7. If you have any issues, please contact ADP at: 800-595-1989 for more assistance. 

Accessing your John Hancock 401(k) Plans:

If you have a retirement plan through John Hancock, you'll have online access exclusively through the John Hancock website. 

1. Register at: Or, download the John Hancock retirement app. 

2. After you register, you will be prompted to Enroll in the plan. 

3. Need Help? 1-855-JHENROLL (543-6765)