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Why TWM Partners?

Join the TWM Partners Family

Where Your Vision Shapes the Future

As a TWM partner, you'll experience unparalleled support, integrated resources, and a culture that fosters work-life balance and growth. Join us in shaping the future of financial advising to focus on what’s best for your clients, and thus, you.

How We Build Our Network at TWM Partners

Independent But Never Alone

Being independent doesn’t mean you have to be on your own. TWM Partners ensures you have the support you need to focus less on the logistics and more on building your business and helping your clients.

Beyond Support, We Mentor Success

Our commitment to you goes beyond just support; we offer opportunities for mentorship, too. Join a network where our collective learning equips us all for a higher standard of client service and business excellence.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Weeds

The daily challenges of running a practice shouldn't take your focus from your clients. That’s why we offer organizational and business development assistance, allowing you to put yourself into what really matters.

Integrated Solutions, Streamlined Operations

Enjoy access to technical solutions, including ERISA Consulting, PRIME, MAA, Advice Pay, and market research from Cetera. Our integrated suite of tools equips you to do more in the industry.

About TWM Partners<br/>

About TWM Partners

Where Your Vision Shapes the Future

TWM Partners has been serving individuals, families, and small businesses in all areas of wealth management since 1992. Located in Henderson, Nevada, our office assists clients in southern Nevada and over 20 states across the country. We work locally and virtually to give our clients the freedom to meet... at their convenience.

TWM Partners believes in doing what’s best for our clients each and every day. By creating effective wealth management strategies that are as unique as you are, our firm is dedicated to helping you create a financial future your family can depend on.

4 Ways to Join Our TWM Partners Community


Join TWM Partners and find your place within your branch and your team. We not only support your brand but also offer a comprehensive package, including funding and opportunities to enhance your business through tools like Trulytics and MAA. Build scale, glean insights from the branch, and contribute to a community where learning and support are reciprocal. At TWM Partners, you're never alone in your journey.

Join a Partner

Joining an existing TWM partner means more than integration; it's about tucking in and growing together. Gain opportunities that amplify your reach and presence within the branch and beyond. Discuss planning strategies and growth opportunities. Our partnerships are more than teamwork; they’re about leveraging an existing book for independence and creating collective success for the whole team.

Minority Investment

At TWM Partners, we provide you with a unique blend of control and capital as a minority investor. Enjoy the stability of a base salary, coupled with the flexibility of contractual agreements that shape a mutually beneficial partnership. Start as an unnamed partner, then advance to a named partner with the potential to attain junior or senior status. This isn’t just an investment opportunity but a pathway to professional growth.

Full Acquisition

Seize the opportunity to sell your firm and enjoy your freedom. Our brand is established and has been thriving for over 30 years, easing the transition for your existing clients. We’ll give you the opportunity for succession planning through a defined relationship–we’ve had over 10 successful acquisitions to date. You can trust our team to take care of your clients and legacy as you move toward a new chapter in your career.

Your Brand, Our Support

We provide advisors with the support and independence to build their businesses on their terms. Let's work together to make the vision of what you want into reality. Reach out today to see what we can build, together.

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